The Political Federation is open and ready! Any freinds with political asparations? Ask them to join today! Libertatemque invaluerit adunationem! [12:01 AM] [1/11/2021]

The Political Federation

Mission Statement

The Political Federation Is a wonderful place to grow your popularity. We beleive that our ideas and thoughts (data) should not be subject to markets or businesses looking to make a quick buck. We know the government does the same exact thing, and we get your negative feelings toward the government. They are some of the worst offenders. I know that in a sense, talking about another's views is impossible in certain areas of the world. I bet you can't picture a United States Republican speaking with a United States Democrat and agreeing on something anymore can you. Well, suprisingly, it wasn't always like that. I am hoping to foster the same isle reaching that Regan and Obama both grew up around and would soon, contribute too. All I want is to make a community of people from the left, center, and right, that are comfortable with talking about polices from either end of the spectrum. It is then that we tap into what is maybe one of humanity's most sacred trait, the ability to work together for the common good. Once we acomplish this, the goal of the federation is complete. It is then, that we invite more people to our group to help reintroduce isle reaching to the public. (when I say isle reaching, I mean working with the other side on things that would otherwise be railroaded to one party or group).

What Our End Goal Is

The Political Federation's end goal is bring together society on a small scale. Get people from both sides of the aisle to start talking, coming up with new ways to rule. So instead of full on democracy, democratic socialism. Also, instead of monarchy, constitutional monarchy. Now those aren't the only ideologies we accept, but we encourage the vast amount of people out there with similar goals to reach across and speak with the other side, to speak with the other side. In the end, we want people to see political opponents, not as enemies of eachother, but freinds, seeing which way people want to be ruled. We know that political talk has become a hot topic as of these last 10 or so years. We just want to cool things down and let people get to know one another better. Because we all have the same goals in the end, the ultimate betterment of society, and the people living within it. Once you understand that, you can work with almost anyone on anything.

How We Plan To Achieve It

The group will have a topic to vote on, presented by people within the group. Then the topic will be discussed, but before that discussion can take place, we talk to the local experts within the group on the topic. So if a communist idea were to come up, we would talk to the communist to explain it to the whole group (as to understand the idea better on a fundamental level). Of course they would have to use resources that tell all, and not half the truth. So if an article explaining the pro's and con's of using the communist policy ever was presented as information, they would have to accept it (if it was correct). Then the discussion can take place, with all the preimtive facts in place about the topic and knowledge from the local person about the topic presented to the group.

Why we started this

The world is chaotic, and granted, politics has a great deal to do with that. If we can even make a small dent locally, to lessen the panic, anger, and resentment, we just might help heal the world little by little. Because, the more you understand about someone and their views, the easier it is to associate with them, and actually listen to them speak. I for one (RichRacc#4134) called this reformation of the Internet Union, because the group of people struggling online with data protection, struggle with politcal opression and poltical division. I'm not speaking from a Right or Left prospective, I am speaking from my heart. I truly believe that being a Right or Left should mean zip when it comes to the betterment of local society.

I, Pres. RichRacc#4134 hearby declare this Federation Formed! [3/8/2021 12:08am]

Big thanks to BBBOOOOYYYY #4507, Undoified #3576, and BytemothOwns #4633, for sticking around and helping when needed, it means a lot. I understand if some of you leave, politics isn't for everyone and it is everywhere nowadays. Discord is meant as some sort of escape from that and I can understand not wanting to be associated with the rise of the Political Federation.