The Internet Union is open and ready for sign-ups! Any freinds with websites? Ask them to join today! Libertatemque invaluerit adunationem! [12:01 AM] [1/11/2021]

The Internet Union

I, Pres. RichRacc#4134 hearby declare this Internet Union Formed! [4/5/2020 12:41am]

Mission Statement

The Internet Union Is a wonderful place to grow your website's popularity. We are a fully fledged republic and have all the things a great nation needs! We have a Constitution, Bill of Rights, Citizens, and an alliance. We also have ties with micronationalists! We beleive that our ideas and thoughts should not be subject to markets or businesses looking to make a quick buck. Oh and don't worry, we didn't forget the good ole government. They are some of the worst offenders! Privacy is the goal, internet is the frontline!

Want to Help?

If anyone wants to offer their services in CSS or java, My discord is Pres. RichRacc#4134. Welcome to The Internet Union, Founded in 2020 on April 5th, 2020. Joining is accepted, however I have not made a button for you to show your union pride. If anyone would like to help me with that. It would be wonderful. The constitution is on google docs or the constitution button above. I hope this takes off and actually expands into something! I think it will be cool to see how it grows over the years.

End Goal

The end goal of the Internet Union is to create a privacy oriented internet community, of which, can generate money for its people and government. Ways we can do that are by creating services, like coding and developmental services. Other ways we might introduce money into the equation are through things like BTC or ETH (Bitcoin and Ethereum), of which will be used as short term investments, as to not risk total governmental collapse over a tweet about bitcoin. A theroetical Federation Of Websites, would most likely have its own online regulated currency or ORC (haha). A Union Banknote is in the works, but to create it, we would first need to hook into a coin network for actual United States Dollars first. We plan on hooking into the Ethereum Network, and basing our coin off of a open source coin like Ethereum. BTC is very complex, and to hear BTC nowaday's can cause some people to lose faith in said currency (maybe they might think its backed by BTC, or works under or with BTC, which may become a common misconception). To end it off, The Internet Union would most likely function as a mediator between the Internet, and international governments looking to influence or change how it works. I'd hope that some folks might share my ideals here on Neocities, and if you do, join us, help us code, we don't have any paypal yet, so we can't purchase our in to the ETH network. For now, we might pump out software (basic stuff, decentralized communications, or maybe even a linux distro, which would be neat, but realistically, we would probably stick to communication and community).


This Union was established on April 5th, 2020. We Stand for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Internet Content, Basic rights to ANY individual, The ability to peacefully protest for ANYTHING that doesnt violate the main writings of the constitution. Other things we stand for are Peace among all countries and prepardness for anything. Any new addition to the constitution can be reccomended, but not all proposals will be accepted into the house of legislative powers. You cannot propose laws that overlap other laws or conradict other laws. The Founder of this great nation is Pres. RichRacc#4134. He would not like to provide personal info, but he would like to say that any future elected president the best of luck.


The League of Independent Nations (Discord Link)

The League of Independent Nations (Microwiki Link)

Founding members

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